The problem with plastic…

I have just discovered this website and the article written by Carrie Davis that sheds some light on the probelms with using plastic in the fashion industry. “This piece is a two-part piece on the issue of Plastics that is a crucial conversation and we were keen to talk about it here at RangeRoom. At […]

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Key Sustainable Textile Innovations Set to Transform the Industry in 2018

London – Pineapples, bananas, apples, coffee, hemp and stinging nettles – the list may sound like someone’s shopping list but these items are actually natural resources which have been used to create innovative, sustainable textiles within the fashion industry. In light of the industry’s dwindling resources, in particular, resource-intensive natural fibres, such as cotton and […]

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The Great Northern Cloth

  This is such an exciting project. I first met this very talented tailor and lovely lady Brita when we both exhibited at the Best of Britannia a couple of years ago. Its amazing that she has been on this journey to develop British made wool. Please support if you can. THE BACKGROUND  Not many […]

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