We Need to Rethink Our Ideas About Aging

“Our traditional idea of a linear progression from “youth” to “age” is like the former. We pass through each stage — youth, adulthood, middle age, late middle age, old age — dealing with their expectations in sequence. Once a level is complete, it is done, no matter how much you might have enjoyed it or want to have a go at doing it better. There’s an accepted order and set expectations, and seemingly we don’t question them…”

“Maybe we ought to take a leaf from Virginia Woolf’s book: “I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.”



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Full article: https://medium.com/s/youthnow/we-need-to-rethink-our-ideas-about-aging-1d080dd9b3a8

Written by Mansoor Iqbal for Medium.com

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