7 small, concious changes you can make for earth day

‘We are so fond of your mighty stylish home — tech-less living room, artisan accents, subway tiles. But on the 22nd of April, we praise your other, bigger home, the one decorated with dense forests, pounding waterfalls and cloud-shrouded mountaintops. That is, we celebrate Earth, the home you share with us and every other living being. And if any place is in need of spring cleaning, it’s our planet. This Earth Day, take action by making some small, meaningful changes in your daily life. Not sure where to start? Our guide helps everyone live more sustainably and consciously, whatever your personality. Because green is the new black’…
‘When we say piña, what comes to mind? Besides colada. Then beaches. Hammocks. Really, isn’t it time for a vacation? Okay, before things go too far, we’re talking about Piña with a capital P. This knitwear label uses pineapple fibers combined with cotton to create scarves and handbags. Skillful hands extract the fibers from the leaves, turn them into thread and weave the fabric. Piña is a Philippines-based enterprise that sources the raw materials from local farmers, and the yarn is dyed with natural dyes from plant pigments. Support the revival of this old tradition of organic fabric production and make a sustainable fashion statement.’
Full article:

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