New clothing care label wants you to stop overwashing

The Care Label Project will add a label to thousands of clothes in hopes that people will adopt laundry habits that are better for both fabric and the Earth.

Did you know that 25 percent of clothing’s carbon footprint comes from the way it’s cared for? Decisions about washing, removing stains, ironing, and drying have a profound impact on how well and how long an item lasts. Unfortunately, much clothing is shoddily made these days and not made to last, but the problem is exacerbated by people not knowing how to care properly for their clothes. Items fade, shrink, and get misshapen when treated poorly and then are destined for the trash can.

The Care Label Project hopes to change this. Calling itself an anti-fast fashion initiative, the project has created a new care label that will be added to more than 18,000 garments, and hopefully more as other designers join the movement. The new label says “Don’t Overwash” and will encourage people to rethink the way they do laundry.


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