Most people don’t care about ethical fashion

And those who DO care about ethical production are denigrated by those who do not.

Here at TreeHugger, we have written extensively about why the fast fashion industry is devastating to the planet. People need to start paying the true cost of clothing, so as to ensure that garment workers earn livable wages, that resource-intensive fabrics aren’t thrown in the landfill within weeks of production, and that the industry cleans up its chemical usage.

No matter what a label says – whether it’s fair-trade, direct-trade, organic, B Corp, or what have you – unless people are willing to pay for it, it will do little to change the face of fashion. And this is where the real challenge comes in, getting people to translate the ethical beliefs they claim to have into actual real-life purchases.

An astonishing number of people are not interested in taking ethics into consideration when making fashion purchases. According to a study published in July 2016 in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, people tend to judge others who do make ethically-motivated fashion choices, most likely because they feel guilty for not making that same decision.

Consider the following three studies that were part of the bigger research project mentioned above.


Full article:

Photo: CC BY 2.0 Herry Lawford


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