Rubber from the Amazon Rainforest by FLAVIA AMADEU

Had an amazing day yesterday, firstly, I visited the Sustainable Angle exhibition in West London. It was incredibly inspiring to see so many new developments in materials from mushroom leather, Amazonian rubber, to apple waste and jellyfish fabrics, it totally exceeded my expectation, and I wish I could have spent more time there . Big thanks to Amanda Johnson for putting on such a great show!

After this I rushed over the CFE FashionTech Meetup 9: Rediscovering Sustainability the guest speakers being Kate Goldsworthy, Matthew dRinkwater, Hannah Bernard and Irene-Marie Seelig. Now fully immersed in new technologies and sustainability.

At the Sustainable Angle we spend much of our time researching and sourcing innovative textiles and materials with a lower environmental footprint and reducing the fashion industry’s over-dependency on conventional cotton and polyester. These materials are showcased in the annual Future Fabrics Expo as well as in workshops and Pop ups throughout the year, and a curated selection on This year we are delighted to have FLAVIA AMADEU’s rubber from the Brazilian Rainforest included in the 6th Future Fabrics Expo 25 – 26th January 2017.

Sustainable Angle full article:


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