Beauty is only skin deep…Come on Prada and Gucci it’s time to get your ducks in order! The Big Idea Report: Prada, Gucci Fail to Address Sweatshop Labor in Their Supply Chains

The Guccis and Pradas of the world could stand to learn a thing or two from their “fast fashion” imitators, at least when it comes to addressing labor issues in their supply chains, according to KnowTheChain, a corporate accountability initiative led by Humanity United, the Business & Human Rights Resource Centre, Sustainalytics, and Verité. In a study of 20 of the world’s largest, publicly traded apparel and footwear companies, the San Francisco–based group found scant progress toward the elimination of forced labor and human trafficking. By and large, high-street brands performed better than their better-appointed brethren, with Adidas, Gap, H&M and Lululemon among the top ranked. Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, and Kering, which owns Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Stella McCartney, received significantly lower scores, while Prada joined China’s Belle International Holdings and Shenzhou International Group Holdings at the very bottom.

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