Squid-Inspired Fabrics Repair Themselves, Neutralize Toxins

Squid-Inspired Fabrics Repair Themselves, Neutralize Toxins

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have developed a way for fabrics to repair themselves with just a little pressure and warm water. The secret lies in a biodegradable liquid, which can be applied to conventional textiles such as cotton, wool, and polyester as a multilayered coating. Derived from a mix of bacteria and yeast, the as-yet-unnamed liquid shares similarities with a protein found in squid tentacles, specifically the rings of sharp teeth that line their suction cups. “We currently dip the whole garment to create the advanced material,” Melik C. Demirel, the professor of engineering science and mechanics in charge of the project, said in a statement. “But we could do the threads first, before manufacturing if we wanted to.”

Full article:  http://www.ecouterre.com/squid-inspired-fabrics-repair-themselves-neutralize-chemicals/

Photo by Scubagirl85/Wikimedia Commons


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