Kering announces winners for sustainable fashion awards

Kering, a global luxury group, and Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion (LCF) announced that five students from LCF were selected as winners of the 2016 Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion. The winners of the awards received grants to support their work and internship opportunities within Stella McCartney and Brioni.

The winners were students Irene-Marie Seelig, Iciar Bravo Tomboly and Ana Pasalic for Stella McCartney; and students Agraj Jain and Elise Comrie for Brioni. The ten projects, which were selected as finalists, reflected the importance of sustainability and social consciousness to the young talent.

The 2016 projects explore sustainability in various ways, including product innovation to reduce fashion’s impact on the planet using new materials (for example mushroom skin, peace or spider silk), alternative assembling methods to increase clothes’ longevity, or the use of new technologies and digital tools to educate the general public and luxury fashion clients to the necessity of a more sustainable development in fashion (conscious consumption, clothes lifecycle, transparency).

Full article:

Image: Courtesy of Kering


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