Don’t cry over spilt milk, make loo roll out of it

A premium-priced toilet roll made from waste milk will be hitting Italian supermarket shelves amid the Christmas paraphernalia this winter.

Carezza di Latte – which translates as “milk caress” – is a collaboration between German fabric innovators Qmilk and Italian company Lucart, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of paper and tissue products.

Qmilk made a name for itself a few years ago after developing hypoallergenic cloth woven from fibres that are made from a protein extracted from soured milk. Now the company has taken the original technology and adapted it to produce non-woven materials, making it possible to make loo roll.

“It’s dermatologically very good,” says Anke Domaske, a microbiologist and Qmilk’s founder. “It should be okay for people with allergies, even lactose intolerance, because even though you can technically eat it there’s no lactose inside it.”

Full article:

Image: Farmers are paid four cents a litre for the waste milk that Qmilk collects and turns into loo roll. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images


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