‘New footage of Syrian child refugees making our clothes proves we must examine the human cost behind what we wear’

If you didn’t see the Panorama investigation programme on BBC on Monday the 24 October, please read this:

‘Last night a BBC Panorama investigation showed that the clothes destined for some of our best known high street brands are made by Syrian child refugees working in their supply chains in Turkey. In many cases, the children are making little more than £1 an hour.

It was another stark reminder that our insatiable appetite for high street fashion, for quantity over quality, for stuff we buy and often don’t even bother to wear, is often feeding on other people’s misery. In this case refugee children – children who have suffered enough.

What is it with fashion that we love it so much we keep buying things even though we know that so many people are being hurt in the process of making it? Sometimes even fatally, as in the case of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that killed 1,135 garment workers.’



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