FASHION REPORT Consumers praise sustainable fashion, but unwilling to pay premium price tag

London – How important is sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fashion to consumers today? Although consumers around the world have been calling for more conscious fashion following the Rana Plaza disaster of 2013, which saw over 1,100 garment factory workers making apparel for the likes of Primark, C&A and Mango crushed to death when the building collapsed in Bangladesh, new research indicates they are unwilling to pay more for ethical clothing and footwear.

When questioned, most consumers said retailer’s sustainability and eco-friendly credentials are important to them when making a purchasing decision. However, data from retail research agency Verdict shows they are not willing to pay more for conscious fashion, and would rather pay more for stylish, quality and veritable fashion which gives them value for money. Fashion retailers must find the balance between investing in sustainable and ethical practices in their supply chains and driving sales, as despite growing awareness, conscious consumerism is still somewhat of a niche market, according to Verdict, with not enough people willing to pay more for sustainable fashion to warrant a huge company overhaul.


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