Milan SS17: All power to Prada

Prada collections often divide into two categories. The sublimely perfect and unforgettable. The collections you can mention and everyone (at least everyone in fashion) remembers. Then there are those that are less enduring, that you struggle to recall. Whether one sells better than another, Prada never actually says, but with the company struggling to get the growth it needs and actually seeing profits move into reverse, you’d expect it to aim for the former.

So what did yesterday bring in Milan? Well, it just edged onto the winners list if only because it was a welcome relief to the more-is-more ethos that seems to dominate so much high-end fashion at the moment.

Beautiful though so many other collections have been this Fashion Month, you can tire of too many textural contrasts, pattern clashes, layers of embellishment, and general extremes. By contrast, Prada was simple, accessible, and above all wearable.

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