Felder Felder’s Sustainable Dress Made From Cars

Glad to see that the Felder Felder sisters are making considered fashion by incorporating sustainable fabrics into their new collection for A/W2016.

Felder Felder has unveiled the star piece of its eco-friendly 10th Anniversary collection ahead of the London Fashion Week show on Friday 16 September.

Co-designers, twins Annette and Daniela Felder, have created their new line exclusively from up-cycled and sustainable fabrics

The brand’s ‘Carbon Dress’ will take centre stage on the runway, and is made from 100% sustainable carbon fibre from BMW’s electric vehicle programme.

This woven form of carbon fibre comes in huge rolls – like fabric – and is compacted together to create the light bodies of electric cars.

But after more than 100 hours in the hands of two of London’s top designers, it has become a shimmering, tasseled dress (the tassels are also created from the fibre) inspired by 60s stage costumes.


Full article: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/felder-felder-lfw-2016-sustainable_uk_57da95d0e4b05d79136ea3b6?utm_hp_ref=sustainable-fashion


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