Burberry’s “Makers House” invites the public into an immersive fashion experience

Makers House

21 Sep 2016 – 27 Sep 2016, Makers House open to general public: 21 September: 10am-7pm. 22 September: 10am-10pm (late night opening). 23 September: 10am-6pm. 24-27 September: 10am-7pm

Your invitation to a fashion first: discover Burberry’s straight-to-consumer collection in their new immersive Soho show venue for Burberry London Fashion Week 2016

2016 could go down in history as the year Burberry changed the fashion industry.

The luxury British fashion house is slimming down from four annual catwalk shows to only two, showing menswear and womenswear simultaneously. What’s more, the latest collection will be available to buy from the moment the last model steps off the runway (rather than the standard six month lapse from show to store).

This combination of male and female designs in one collection, is, fittingly, inspired by the merging of masculine and feminine voices of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 gender-swapping novel Orlando.

To further collapse the gap between designers and customers, the event is moving out of its previous Fashion Week venue in Kensington Gardens into a new space, “Makers House”. Here, fashion meets art and theatre as members of the public can immerse themselves in a selection high fashion experiences, for free.


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