The end of stretch denim? … Really?

The glam-rock couple behind Rockins are bringing back the rigid denim of the 70s

There’s a certain bohemian timelessness to the London home of Jess Morris and Tim Watkins. In the garden, silk bunting flickers through the trees and wine is uncorked at midday. Leopard print, velvet. Frank Zappa stares down at you on the loo. But despite their glam 70s sensibility, the label – first silk scarves, now denim – that the couple launched from their living room is surprisingly modern, in that it’s exactly right for now.

“Stretch denim is the scourge of the planet,” Morris says, crossing her legs. “When I heard that leggings were the best-selling item in the world, well. It made me want to burn everything down.” “Denim should be hard,” adds Watkins, serious as death. Vogue agrees, calling time on skinny jeans. “Endless sightings of perfect stiffened jeans at last summer’s festivals and never-ending mood pics via the Instagram feeds have fuelled a mainstream appetite for genuine non-stretch jeans,” wrote news editor Julia Hobbs this summer. Catwalks are running blue with denim, while vintage jeans are in high demand. Vetements chopped up old pairs, stitching them together for a straighter leg and higher rise. At £880, they sold out immediately. Perfect timing then, for Rockins to reveal its new designs, key terms: Blondie, Gaye Advert, Thelma & Louise, sex.

Full article:

Photograph: Dean Chalkley for the Observer


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