Why sketching? What is it? And, why is it important to design?

I’ve always known the importance of sketching and until  software programs like Adobe Illustrator, Corel draw et al were developed, hand sketching with pen and paper was the only way to develop design ideas. Has something been lost? I have noticed a number of my students recently, have a fear of putting pencil to paper.

The focus on the designer as sketcher, however, is reflected in the four taxons of explorative, persuasive, explanatory and prescriptive sketches that then see sketching through the lens of purpose of output rather than referencing the inherent characteristics of the different sketches themselves or the stage which they are used.

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.10.12

Looking at the kinds of illustrations presented above, it becomes apparent that ambiguous and casual sketches are most prolific during the explorative phase of conceptual design ideation. This addresses the first of our questions: Sketching is a critical way through which the designer expresses and explores ideas during concept design ideation.

Full article: http://www.core77.com/posts/52948/Why-is-Sketching-Still-Important-To-Design?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=June%2021st&utm_content=June%2021st+CID_0b29c1a850630a3949e5e9267638be4a&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=Read%20More


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