fashion system in flux


‘Fashion time, that up until now has followed a fixed schedule, is becoming unstable and the industry is finding itself in an odd in-between place at the moment. As a consequence, many are announcing the fashion system as ‘broken’.

With this changing notion of time, a divide is emerging between brands and how they approach design. Some, such as Anya Hindmarch, Burberry and Moschino are opting to create quick to understand and visibly strong products for instant demand. Brands like Gucci and Vetements are playing with newness – or lack thereof – by representing the same ideas season after season. On the other end of the fashion spectrum there are designers like Thom Browne, Rodarte and Marc Jacobs, immersed in the world of make-believe, creating shows that are borderline costume-y and only attractive to stylists for their fashion-as-fantasy spreads. As a consequence, there are a lot of mixed messages being transmitted in and through fashion at the moment’

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