Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Summit 2016

The Fashion industry is probably the most powerful industry in the world, however also second biggest pollutant of earth. Such state is asking for change. Fortunately, there are leaders who decided to take action and created a global movement, which for a few years, has been tackling this issue.

Every two years, an event is organised in the world’s leading capital on sustainability – Copenhagen. The event is known as Copenhagen Sustainable Fashion Summit, and of course, we could not miss it!

As we know, the world is facing serious climate changes and other severe issues are affecting our habitat, which ultimately has an influence on both animal and human life. The global fashion industry has major impact on our environment as well as millions of people working in this industry. The good news is, that 1200 of them from 52 countries decided to participate in this summit and make a change.

Full article here:


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