The Clean Tee is the most sustainable shirt on the planet

California company Nomadix has invented an amazing T-shirt that’s made entirely from recycled textile waste, without any added water or dye.

Did you know the apparel industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet, after oil? The clothes we wear on a daily basis contribute to environmental problems, from the growing of cotton and the application of pesticides and water, to the manufacturing process, which also generates vast quantities of wastewater, to the piles of unwanted or worn-out clothes that get tossed in landfills each year. It’s something that we, as consumers, seriously need to rethink.

Nomadix process© Nomadix

A California-based company called Nomadix has an alternative vision and a comprehensive plan for how fashion can be more environmentally friendly. The company is already known for its beach towels made from 100-percent recycled materials, and now it has joined with Recover Textiles, a Spanish producer of upcycled cotton yarns, to launch the Clean Apparel campaign.

Full article:


Screen capture Nomadix


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