Elsien Gringhuis: a Dutch master of ethical fashion

As the old fashion business paradigm is recognised for being outdated, many  conscious designers are looking at new ways to work in the development of clothing. This was something I identified when doing my MA. One of the ways forward is to design seasonless clothes with longevity. This is much more sustainable and reflective of how real people buy clothing.

Fashion is about well made clothes that can stay in your wardrobe for years! – Elsien Gringhuis

When Dutch designer Elsien Gringhuis started her eponymous label in 2008, it was with a mission to make something she didn’t see much of in the marketplace: high-end clothes made in a sustainable way. After graduating Cum Laude at the academy of visual arts in Arnhem (ArtEZ), she won the Createurope in Berlin, the Mittelmoda in Italy and was nominated for the Frans Molenaar-award (2008). She went on to win the Green Fashion Competition (2011) and the Fair Luxury Award (2012).

When it comes to brand philosophy, the clothes are made with attention to details and with an aim for the best quality in everything. Elsien Gringhuis also is a seasonless brand. More than a trend, ethical fashion brands are more often deciding to break away from the traditional fashion calendar of producing multiple collections annually.  Producing new collections quarterly or bi-annually are part of a consumerist pattern that doesn’t reflect the longevity and stability of well made fashion. Says Elsien,


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