That $8 shirt seems like a deal, but it’s actually a huge problem

The costly resources that are never factored in to the price of a fast fashion garment:

“That shirt didn’t cost you very much at all, but it cost the planet quite a bit – to the tune of 1,320 gallons of water and approximately 9 lbs of carbon dioxide in its production and transportation alone… That’s a lot of resources for one sh*tty shirt.”

Full article:


2 thoughts on “That $8 shirt seems like a deal, but it’s actually a huge problem

  1. It is definitely a huge problem. I watched The True Cost, a documentary on Netflix (you should watch it if you haven’t already) and was seriously concerned about the information that came from it. I read this article when I was doing some research after watching the video. It’s sad that the garment industry is the second most polluting industry on earth after oil. The bad news is though, with fast fashion retailers like H&M getting bigger and bigger, the problem is only becoming worse for the people making the clothes and the environment. Buying cheap clothing was never something I put much thought into but now, whenever I buy clothes I am always thinking about where it comes from and who makes it.

    1. I saw the documentary when it was first released. And have been sharing it with my students. Tonorrows designers can influence change by the way they design, the materials and processes they use too. You may also want to watch dirty white gold.

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