Sweden launches collection of clothing that you can borrow for free

This is an interesting business model.
Sweden launches collection of clothing that you can borrow for free..

To inspire sustainable fashion, Sweden has started a ready-to-share collection of clothing that gives and gives again.

Oh Sweden. You and your carbon-negative data centers and enviable low antibiotic-resistance, your beautifully confounding lack of garbage and mirrored treehouses! You put the rest of us to shame. What new tricks will you decide to parade about in the name of caring for your people and the planet?!

Well beginning January 20, the answer is ShareWear, a collection co-created by Sweden’s foremost fashion designers, aiming to make “ready-to-share the new ready-to-wear.” Pieces from the collection will be shared on Instagram and the first person to comment on an item may borrow the piece for a week. At the end of the week, the borrower puts the item forward by reposting on Instagram with ‪#‎sharewear‬, at which point it gets shared again. And again and again. The initial items offered have been designed by some of Sweden’s most prominent brands including Filippa K, Hope, House of Dagmar, NIKOLAJ d’ETOILES, Uniforms for the Dedicated, Weekday and Whyred



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