36 Eco-Fashion Predictions for 2016

I have finally made in over to Viet Nam, Hanoi to be precise, where I will be teaching fashion through the lens of sustainability.

I’m rather jet lagged and it only 6 am here, having been up for four hours already. I have a lovely apartment near to the college where I will teach and apparently there is a lake round the corner. But I arrived so late last night, I just needed to eat and retire. While I am here I intend to meet with NGO’s and discover the beautiful crafts unique to the area, watch this space…

The fashion industry needs to clean up its act. So its encouraging to see this article.There are 36 movers and shakers here, and a lot of them are women! Read on…

All brand-spanking new, 2016 is ripe with possibilities. But what does it hold for the fashion industry? We asked 36 eco-fashion movers and shakers, including an overseer of a multi-brand conglomerate, an award-winning filmmaker, a Greenpeace campaigner, an assistant dean, a fashion compliance attorney, a vegan footwear designer, a “slow fashion” boutique owner, and a few of our media comrades in arms to play soothsayer and offer predictions for the year ahead.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/eco-fashion-predictions-for-2016/

Photo by Shutterstock


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