Williamson’s New Chapter

Should more designers take a leaf out of Mathews Williamson’s book?

They are hoping to make the new “buy now, wear now” business model work.

MATTHEW WILLIAMSON has had something of a regeneration of late. The news that his Bruton Street flagship was to close its doors, coupled with the announcement that he would not be showing at London Fashion Week for spring/summer 2016, raised worried eyebrows in an industry all too familiar with the hurdles and pitfalls that independent designers face. But, he’s setting the record straight: Matthew Williamson is here to stay, just in a different way…

“Long story short, what we’ve done is taken stock, taken our foot off the gas, pivoted and tried to see if we can carve out a new way to work for us,” he summarised with a smile.

Full article here: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2015/10/19/matthew-williamson-20-years-shop-show-new-direction-shop-show


Image courtesy of James Kelly


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