The Virtuous & Vicious Cycles of Fashion


I wanted to share the most amazing experienced I have had over the weekend. I took part in a two-day workshop facilitated by Fabian Hirose called The Virtuous & Vicious Cycles of Fashion. This is a ground-breaking workshop which I believe is much needed in the fashion industry.

I was quite  nervous about attending the workshop, as I’m not that comfortable with group participatory  scenarios. But I must say it has been one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life, in regards to connecting with other industry professionals, in a warm and supportive manner.

I highly recommend the workshop, and the support system that encourages personal growth within the industry, relevant  to your own personal work experiences. Besides this, I’ve met and connected with an amazing array of people in the group who all shared their professional experiences.

This is a ‘must’ experiential workshop, I have come away with renewed faith in humanity, the industry and a new eye to face the future knowing that this type of support exists.

Thank you to Fabian Hirose, Barbara Mastoroudes, Damien Cornford,  Graham and Caryn Franklin and all the participants. This has been an amazing journey of self discovery through the lens of fashion.

‘Understanding the relationship between your individual scenarios, work environments and consumer needs.

A two-days Professional Development Workshop exploring and connecting you with the internal and external resources around the place and function you have inside fashion systems.This programme is the result of Fabian Hirose’s 15 years experience in the global Fashion Industry and his 5 years of intensive research working with boards, senior-executives and teams in the creative, financial, communications, retail and HR departments of local & international fashion businesses; as well as directors, readers, lecturers and students of leading fashion schools in the UK.

The Virtuous & Vicious Cycles of Fashion will create conditions which support the principles and laws of self-organisation for your own natural development and the evolution of your path in fashion. This practical and experiential workshop draws on design-thinking; business and education models; somatic, personal and systemic healing. He regularly runs workshops, more details here:

Fabian Hirose is a Business Strategist & Organisation Development Consultant based in London. His passion and expertise lies in working relationally with senior business leaders and cross-functional teams to unlock the lasting potential of a brand and its people. Fabian’s clients include Burberry, Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garçons, Gieves & Hawkes, Matthew Williamson, All Saints, Karla Otto, Diesel and emerging businesses across the UK, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


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