The death of fashion …and the emancipation of everything…

I absolutely love this woman’s take on the fashion industry. And its great to see that my prediction about ageless women is coming to the forefront as well as my disenchantment with the fashion system as it stands, which is unsustainable.

“Following the death of fashion is the emancipation of everything – not just in fashion, but in all disciplines of life as we free ourselves from the past and finally move into the 21st century, and begin to ask ourselves why we do things the way we do,” said renowned trend forecaster and futurist Lidewij Edelkoort during her opening speech of her much awaited follow up to her ‘Anti-Fashion’ manifesto, which spurred endless debate over the past few months”.

“Another monumental shift Edelkoort predicts is the ‘Ageless Generation,’ the inevitable decline of boundaries between generations leading to a reversal of dress codes. Bridging the gap between old and young, this movement will see young and old consumers sharing the same clothes and designs without a qualm. Think ‘granny-chic’, similar to Alessandro Michele’s new direction for Gucci, but then with more pattern, jacquards and interchangeable looks. “The pussy-bow blouse will finally make its return and mesh with the high waisted pants as low waisted pants will be forgotten for good.” Although Edelkoort is unsure how long this trend will last, the industry inclusion of older women can only be indication of the new to come”.

Full article here:


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