First Look: Prada’s Surreal New Fragrance Video

When Daniela Andrier was a child, she would sneak in to her mother’s bathroom and make special concoctions from the perfumes that lay inside. “I was obsessed by fragrance,” she explains, “but I thought that was normal; that everyone was that way.” Since then, Andrier has come a long way from blending Yves Saint Laurent’s Rive Gauche with Hermès’ Caleche – in fact, she was the woman behind Rive Gauche‘s 2003 reformulation – but perhaps most signficant to her career has been her relationship with Prada. Her nuanced understanding of the house codes, of its inclination towards contradictions and abundant array of references means that she somehow manages to bottle its core components in an assortment of different variations; from the iconic iris of the new Olfactories’ Purple Rain to the the “cloud of pink bubbles floating through the heart of Tokyo” that makes up Pink Flamingos (it’s namesake far less innocent than its description).


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