Fashion Brands’ Message for Fall Shoppers: Buy Less, Spend More

It was interesting to read this article and in particular, to discover that the designer Misha Nonoo has the same concept as myself, when I was developing my collection for my MA in Fashion Futures. The fact that women already have burgeoning wardrobes, she has also designed key pieces that fit into a woman’s existing wardrobe as her mandate.

‘Designer Misha Nonoo, who is set to show her latest collection in New York this week, says she designs with her customers’ closets in mind. She wants customers to think about how her new separates will pair with things they already own. A plaid tweed jacket with a fur collar and matching trousers shown on the runway for her Fall 2014 collection could be purchased separately: The pants could go with a black blouse, she says, while the jacket would work for the office with slacks or on the weekend with jeans. “There is a versatility to each item,” she says.’

Here is a thought for shoppers getting ready to work on their fall wardrobes: Buy less.

Amid the chaos and excess of New York Fashion Week, which starts today as dozens of designers and brands show their Spring 2015 collections, some experts say a “buy less but better” movement is brewing.

A generation of consumers has grown up wearing what is often referred to as “fast fashion”—trendy, inexpensive versions of runway looks that shoppers wear for one season, or one occasion, and often toss. Now, many of these shoppers are graduating to a philosophy of quality not quantity, industry executives say.

In an appeal to the changing mind-set, a number of new retailers are encouraging shoppers to build simpler, smaller and longer-lasting wardrobes. Retailers including Zady, Cuyana and Everlane are featuring edited assortments and fewer promotions, while promising higher-quality fabrics, better construction, and transparency about sourcing and manufacturing.’

The full article here:


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