Why Fashion is Crashing

Interesting article by Suzy Menkes about the vicious cycle of fashion and the designer fall out. But nothing is mentioned here about how unsustainable it all is. The amount of material, energy and water that is needed to keep the fashion cycle afloat. I believe it is time for change, the slow fashion movement is percolating  around the world. But it means that everyone from the designers, buyers, brand owners and the general public need to be mindful of the impact on the planet and climate change and be part of the change.

“All of us in the industry know of people who are living on the edge, using substances to get through the days that roll inexorably into nights. We all think of Lee McQueen and his tragic ending. Of Marc Jacobs lurching though his punishing schedule until he finally gave up Louis Vuitton for his own label. With Dior again in the news, the fashion world gulps and thinks of John Galliano, his drunken anti-semitic raving and the shocking end to that chapter of a brilliant career.

We watch designers adopting protection mechanisms, like Phoebe Philo of Céline refusing to move from her native England to Paris; or Hedi Slimane fleeing Paris after his Saint Laurent shows to his home and studio in far away Los Angeles.

Designers – by their nature sensitive, emotional and artistic people – are being asked to take on so much. Too much.”

Full article here: http://www.vogue.co.uk/suzy-menkes/2015/10/raf-simons-why-fashion-is-crashing#


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