Monsoon named and shamed for not paying staff minimum wage

This is appalling news considering that Monsoon aligned and supported Estethica at London Fashion Week until recently.

Monsoon has been named and shamed by the government for failing to pay more than 1,400 workers the minimum wage. The privately owned fashion retailer is one of 115 companies caught in the latest swoop by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC), which oversees implementation of the pay regulations.

The government introduced the practice of naming firms in October 2013 to raise pressure on companies to stick to the rules entitling workers to a minimum of £6.70 an hour. The latest list reveals that Monsoon short-changed 1,438 workers – more than a quarter of its UK store staff – a total of £104,507.83. The company has been forced to reimburse staff and pay a fine of £28,147.81.

The retailer previously required all staff to wear Monsoon clothes on duty, after buying them at a discount. The compulsory expense meant in effect many staff were taking home less than the minimum wage. Monsoon has since started paying a clothing allowance and raised wages.

Full article here:


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