Normal service will resume, feeling lighter and energised!

I haven’t written a blog for the past week as I have been away space clearing, and it has been really cathartic. I have managed to fill 38 bin liners with designer clothing, past collections, development samples, as well as home furnishings and books from my past life in New York City, and have now dropped them off with Age UK to sell.

It was really important for me to prepare myself before visiting my unit where all my belongings were stored. To do this I consulted two friends who are feng shui experts Victor Liccione who spends his time working with clients from Saigon to the South of France and Isabelle Bricknall who is based in London. Besides this, I also referred back to the book that I wrote about in a past blog, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, known as the KonMari Method. It was actually a dream to off-load all these belongings that I had held onto for so long (ten years or more).

It was quite an emotional journey, as fleeting moments of one’s life pass by when looking at these purchases. I did however hold on to some beautiful pieces that I purchased in Lhasa Tibet in September 1997, one of which is featured here. They are pieces that will work in my wardrobe now, but more importantly, I recognised that I have an aesthetic that has been consistent throughout my adult years, and these pieces are testament to that.


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