Lets have an end to ‘anorexia chic’

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close and the fashion cognoscenti shift their focus to London Fashion Week, isn’t it time we make a permanent stance against using unhealthily skinny, underaged models?

‘Earlier this summer, France became the latest country to vote to criminalise the use of models with a BMI under 18 (inline with the World Health Organisation studies on healthy body weight). Similar legislation already exists in Spain and Israel, with voluntary conducts of code in numerous other countries.’ So why is the UK lagging so far behind, with their voluntary code of conduct?


When studying for my MA, ‘I discovered a report conducted by the All-Parliamentary Group (APPG) on body image. Isn’t it time we had strict legislation in this country to clamp down on the fashion industry that commercialises emaciated young women, which in turn promotes unhealthy body images that encourage eating disorders?’

The report can be downloaded here: http://issuu.com/bodyimage/docs/reflections_on_body_image

Presently Caroline Nokes, the Conservative MP and chairman of APPG is conducting a parlimentary inquiry to whether we need to have more robust legislation to stop the use of underage and anorexic looking models. About time too!


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