Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion

Fashion is something that has been important for centuries in most parts of the world. In many cultures, people have devoted their lives to the notion of making others look – and feel – good through the clothes they wear. Like it or not, both men and women can’t seem to escape the world of clothing. Similarly, many people – especially recently – have become more and more in-tune with saving the environment. From recycling to eating local foods that are sustainably farmed, we are seeing a whole new trend of eco-awareness taking over many aspects of our lives.

In addition to recycling any chance we get and buying organic, natural cleaning products, we are also seeing a push towards sustainable clothing. The concept of eco-fashion, also known as sustainable clothing, is extremely important on many levels. This concept of eco-fashion is typically based on three important parts of sustainability – reduce, reuse, and recycle. Unfortunately, many clothes on the market today are manufactured using harmful chemicals in order to make synthetic fiber or for dying and bleaching the clothing. Many do not realize this, but even natural cotton is chalked full of tons of nasty chemicals.

For years and years, the fashion industry has loved to tell you what trends you must follow and what items are a must-have for any closet. When it comes to sustainable fashion, this isn’t necessarily the case. All the matters to those involved in this industry is that fabrics and materials are sustainably sourced, free of chemicals, and manufactured in humane settings. Seems like a pretty simple task, right?

We are seeing more and more of this trend as of late, but it is not to say it has been an easy battle. In order to help you make the switch to the world of eco-fashion, we thought it would be helpful to go over some of the main benefits of sustainably manufactured clothes, for both men and women.

Woman wearing sustainable fashionBenefit #1: It’s Better for the Earth. This seems like a no-brainer, but it is still important to discuss. Unfortunately, the fashion industry leaves behind an enormous environmental footprint, from the various chemicals and pesticides used to grow cotton to the toxic dyes. By choosing organic fibers or sustainable fabrics – such as bamboo or hemp – we can reduce our carbon footprint while also trimming the amount of chemicals you bring into your life.

Benefit #2: It’s Good for the People. The Fair Trade Act has done a lot of wonderful things for the eco-fashion industry, namely for those working in the manufacturing plants. Under this Act, all clothes must be produced under safe working conditions (read: sweatshop free), which means that the company you are purchasing clothes from care about their employees as much as they do making a profit.

Benefit #3: It Lasts Longer. Yep, you guessed it – sustainably made clothing actually lasts longer. If the other two benefits of looking into eco-conscious clothing didn’t sway you, this one should. Research has shown that buying clothes made from organic, renewable fibers is not only not as toxic, but they are more durable and timeless. By making the choice to reduce waste, cut back on your consumerism, and be more aware of where your clothing comes from, you will be doing more for the earth and yourself.



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