Is the fashion design system broken?

As the spring 16 womenswear catwalk shows get under way this month, will we see another nod to retro references from the 1970s?

For a few years I have been ruminating about how the fashion wheel churns and force feeds trend information to designers, to regurgitate, along with the rest of the industry in the next season. I have felt that the cycle of which clothing is presented is outdated. Having to create new trends each season is quite frankly tired and should be obsolete, given the amount of resources expended for this flash-in-the-pan moment. And to further confirm this, the influential editor-in-chief of American Vogue Anna Wintour recently said in an interview: “Trend, to me, is a dirty word.”

So it would seem that the tide is slowly turning. When developing my MA project in 2011-13, I had decided that I wanted to get off the ever increasing fashion merry-go-round and focus on real women’s needs by looking at their body issues and what is in their wardrobes. I interviewed a number of women and in some cases I visited them at home to look what their favourite pieces in their wardrobes were. And from that I developed the notion of creating key pieces that would sit within their wardrobe, that could be kept and treasured as future heirlooms.


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