Is the sketchbook dead ?

After having read the great clutter clearing book recently ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ by Marie Kondo, I have decided to spend August clearing away my clutter. One of the categories are  sketchbooks,  I have been sketching for over 30 years.
With the introduction of websites like Pinterest and Instagram, I am wondering whether I should stop using sketchbooks to store my inspiration altogether?
Although whilst tidying,  I re-discovered a sketch book from the early 1990s when I first moved to South Beach, Miami, which still looks really relevant. This was when I met a multi-billionaire who set me up in business to open a series of lifestyle stores across the USA.  The first category I worked on was swimwear, as at that time, believe it or not, there were only two fashion stores in South Beach with a very small selection of swimwear. It’s a joy to look through, but now I have so many sketchbooks that I think I will just need to cherry pick the best to keep. More examples later…


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