The Invisible Woman – Taking on the Vintage Years

I bought this book a couple of days ago, and I  just can’t put it down. So much resonates with my experiences of finding work, worrying about the future and what that holds. I am presently taking a break over the month of August to work out what my career plan will be, don’t have Plan A in place yet, so can’t even think about Plan B.

I figured that after going back to university to get my Masters 2 years ago, that a lot more opportunities would come my way. Should I stay in fashion ( which I am so passionate about) and has been my lifelong career to date?

I am designing for older women who I like to refer to as ‘Ageless’, and have taken into account many of the issues these women have when trying to buy clothing on the British high street, through a series of interviews I conducted whilst on my masters degree. But how do I reach that audience, without the monthly budget of 2-5K to pay for PR?

Or should I change career? What would I do? I have been flirting with the notion of working in an advisory capacity in the fashion industry, as I like to see people flourish. Maybe I should become a Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) in an organisation? (This is a real job title by the way) .

Anyway I want to finish this book to see what other pearls of wisdom Helen Walmsley – Johnson shares…

This is a must read for all women!


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