The Art of Transformation

green stilettos

Metamorphosis is a Greek term that stands for “transformation”. A biological process that is common in many insects, it is also perhaps one of the best ways to describe fashion. From day to night, season to season and through the years, we change our clothes and, in doing so, transform ourselves. This week’s article is all about the art of transformation – from colours to shapes to styles – and is inspired by the Blue Morpho butterfly.

blue morpho Blue Morpho butterfly.

Changing colours like a butterfly

The Blue Morpho butterfly’s iridescent wings appear cobalt blue without any colour pigment.  This optical illusion is due to the many layers of protein on the scales of the butterflies’ wings that refract light in different ways. In 2010, Australian designer Donna Sgro created a dress made from Morphotex – a fabric that imitates the microscopic structure of the wing using nanotechnology. This is one of many examples of nature-inspired fashion, the…

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