Update and sustainabilty news

I have written here for sometime, as I was busy finishing my MA. So was swamped by doing research, making garments and finishing up my final written piece. I have now completed the course and have been awarded an MA in Fashion Futures (formerly known as Fashion & the Environment).

Since the completion of my course I have also put a business plan together and raised seed money to start a business, which is based on sustainability and has a two prong approach.

Firstly I will be consulting for start up fashion businesses and secondly I will launch a collection for the “Ageless woman’ which was the basis of my final project.

I have also opened in a retail space and am presently selling some of my vintage product in Creativations in Fulham., along with my Sea Sirens swimwear label.



Vintage stud dress


Vintage stretch denim waistcoat and skirt

Styling: Isabelle Bricknall

Photography: Brian Would

Model: Baba

I am presently sourcing new materials to add to the collection and came across this interesting article today in The Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/jun/20/science-design-materials-sources-sustainable?CMP=new_1194


I had sourced this fabric over a year ago, but it was impossible to sample it as the manufacturer wanted such very high minimums as well as for me to be VAT registered!


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