Hello world!

This blog will allow me the opportunity to share some of my discoveries whilst on my MA in Fashion and the Environment at The London College of Fashion. I registered on  this site a few months ago, but have been procrastinating about adding information.

I have learned so much in the last year on the course, and have written a few essays, which were a struggle ;-), as I found out I was dyslexic and ADHD.

One of my areas of interest is using green technologies i.e. bioengineering, to find alternative ways to create materials without impacting the environment. If anyone has read the book ‘To Die for Is Fashion Wearing Out the World’ by Lucy Siegle, you will understand what I mean. I think its a MUST read for anyone in the fashion industry, and especially young people entering the industry as you are the shapeshifters and can make a difference!

Prior to starting my MA I have worked in the industry for over twenty years,  as a designer both in the London and New York. I have designed for the high street here for stores such as  Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Wallis and M & S.

In New York I worked for a number of companies around Seventh Avenue before settling on working for a company that developed swimwear for independent boutiques and departments stores across America. This is also where I found my love for swimwear (more about this later).


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