Clothes that highlight air pollution are coming to London

Invisible Dust London | Wednesday 3 August Pollution level: Moderate Invisible Dust Projects Artists & Scientists. Catch the extraordinary performances created by media artist Kasia Molga with Professor Frank Kelly from King’s College London. The hi-tech illuminated costumes reflect the air pollution you are breathing on your daily commute.   Full article:

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Clothing made from cow manure?

Clothing made from cow manure? Don’t pooh-pooh the idea just yet. After all, dung is serious business, particularly in the Netherlands, where a booming dairy industry has already outstripped the so-called “phosphate ceiling” of 172.9 million kilograms per year. Too much phosphate in waterways can lead to algae blooms, which rob aquatic life of oxygen […]

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SEW Dalston

  We are a small exclusive atelier based in Dalston, with collective industry experience of over 30+ years and are now offering classes for you to hone your garment making skills, whether you want to make strides into the fashion industry or simply want to make professional garments at home, this course is for you. […]

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Custom Evolution

Can fashion create a better future? A new show surveys the inspiring possibilities that emerge when creativity and technology join forces. The past few years have been rich in fashion-based exhibitions: from the sell-out Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty (2015) and the comprehensive and prescient David Bowie Is (2013) at the V&A, to The Fashion […]

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